Original Crawford Man Model Male Winnie Harlow Vitiligo Skin Yannick Delva

Original Crawford (YouTube Personality) in Hollywood, California

Ryan O'Connell Netflix Special for Out Magazine

Ryan O'Connell (Netflix's Special) for Out Magazine

Jazz Jennings TLC I Am Jazz for The Advocate

Jazz Jennings (TLC's I Am Jazz) for The Advocate

Dustin Lance Black for Out Magazine

Dustin Lance Black (Academy Award Winning Writer and Director) for Out Magazine

Danny Pintauro Who's The Boss Now for Plus Magazine

Danny Pintauro (Who's The Boss Now) for Plus Magazine

Andrés Lara  designer of A Punto y Linea

Miguel Proença for Pianotune

Tyler Oakley for The Advocate/Out Magazine by Yannick Delva
Tyler Oakley (YouTuber/Writer) for The Advocate
Rain Dove for The Advocate

Rain Dove (Activist/Model) for The Advocate

Heather Langenkamp Nightmare On Elmstreet

Heather Langenkamp (Nightmare on Elmstreet) for The Advocate